Bernama, Feb 25 2009

The use of the words "Pemuda Umno Celaka" (Damn Umno Youth) by Karpal Singh (DAP-Bukit Gelugor) caused a major uproar in the Dewan Rakyat today.
Karpal, who is also DAP chairman, at first had taken to task the over 100 police reports lodged against him for stating that he would sue the Sultan of Perak following the political crisis in Perak.

Debating the motion of thanks for the Royal address, he then went on to say:" This might be a world record. Two bullets, Mr. Speaker. Under Section 57of the Internal Security Act, if a person is in possession of even a single bullet and is found guilty, he or she is liable to face the death penalty. I want to know where this "Umno Youth celaka" got two bullets."

This drew the ire of Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi (BN-Batu Pahat) and Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan (BN-Kota Belud) who immediately got up and demanded Karpal withdrew the unsuitable word.

"Pemuda Umno celaka. Don''t disturb me," Karpal continued causing the Dewan to descend into chaos and Deputy Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar reprimanding Karpal not to use the words again.
Karpal, however, ignored it and repeated the words but retracted them after Wan Junaidi directed him not to do so.

In his parting shot, he gave Umno Youth a warning saying," Don't mess around with me. Singh is King," echoing the title of a recently released Bollywood movie.

On his recent criticisms of Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, he said he accepted Anwar as the head of the opposition coalition and any misunderstanding between them was "none of the Barisan Nasional's business".

He also asked the chief of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to withdraw his remarks about an alleged corruption case involving Selangor Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

He cited Section 58 of the MACC Act which stipulated that "no prosecution shall be prosecuted except from the consent of public prosecutor".

Hmm.. i cant get the clip from YOUTUBE. but this clip might make u laught.Enjoy


Mumbai: Twenty-seven years ago, she made history when she became the first Indian to win an Oscar. Now, as two other Indians are again within kissing distance of that prized statuette, Bhanu Athaiya walks down nostalgia lane to remember that 1982 day when she won the Oscar for best costume design for Gandhi.

The Mumbai-based designer, who has worked in over 100 films and wrote herself into the record books with her work in Richard Attenborough's epic movie Gandhi, is a voting member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and therefore cautious about commenting on A R Rahman and Resul Pookutty.

India has found its place in the Academy's walk of fame with Danny Boyle's movie Slumdog Millionaire, based on a novel by Indian bureaucrat Vikas Swarup. The movie has picked up 10 nominations, including three for composer Rahman - for best original score and two for best original song - and one for sound engineer Resul Pookutty who has been nominated along with two others for achievement in sound mixing.

As an excited India awaits Oscar night with anticipation, Athaiya is also upbeat. But circumspect.

"As a voting member of the Academy, I am not supposed to comment on the movie or the nominees. But I congratulated Rahman for his nomination (best musical score) in many television channels.

"I had worked with him earlier in Lagaan and Swades. He mostly works out of his studio in south India. We meet at some stage during the making of the movies we work in. He is very versatile and has such a rich education," Athaiya said.

The designer recalls the day she was auditioned for Gandhi.

"Richard Attenborough interviewed me in July 1982 and then he auditioned me. In 15 minutes, he told the office that he had found a designer. He asked me to join the team at the Ashok Hotel in Delhi on September 1. The shooting was supposed to commence November 1."

Working on Gandhi was tough.

"It was difficult because we had to show 50 years of the Mahatma's life in various locations, including Dandi. In South Africa, Gandhi was young and he changed over the years; it was difficult to capture the look. There were other sequences too - where hundreds of people in period costumes had to be used. You can well imagine the kind of study I undertook to create the look.

"I had to do the job single-handedly. I had to compete with an international crew and the challenge was to match their standards. But I managed to create the look of the times."

When the Oscar nominations were announced, Gandhi featured in a big way.

"And I was asked to go to the Dorothy Chandler pavilion in Los Angeles for the awards. Five movies, La Traviata, Sophie's Choice, Tron, Victor/Victoria and Gandhi were contending for the Oscar. But before the awards, my fellow designers predicted that the Oscar would come my way because the canvas of the movie was so huge."

She remembers what she said on stage while Attenborough. "This is too good to be true. Thank you, Sir Richard Attenborough for focusing world attention on India."

Soon after being honoured by the Academy, Athaiya was nominated as a voting member. She gets Oscar ballot papers every year and has the right to comment on a movie and select it.

Athaiya has worked in over 100 movies since the 1950s, with noted filmmakers like Guru Dutt, Yash Chopra, Raj Kapoor, Ashutosh Gowarikar and Conrad Rooks. Apart from an Oscar for Gandhi, Athaiya has won national awards for costumes in Lagaan and Swades.

"Lagaan was a challenging exercise because it was a fiction set in 1893. A lot of studies went in for it, but Swades was a smaller challenge because I had to create the wardrobe for an NRI living in New York. I had to make sure that it had not been picked off the shelves of New York so that the producer could be comfortable with the budget," Athaiya said.

Having started her career in 1956 with CID, Athaiya is still going strong and is working on her third Marathi movie.



Always in success!
Muzzafar Salleh
Sometimes the best lessons about marketing come from the most unexpected places. The videos below are taken by a traveller to India who met a kid on the street selling a peacock feather fan. This kid - dubbed the "lingo kid" in a YouTube video shares his linguistic skills that he learned from tourists on the street to sell his wares. In the second video, the same traveller returns to interview the boy again (his name is Ravi) and learn more about him. Both videos together offer one of the most simple marketing lessons that you can imagine ... that sometimes it doesn't matter what you're selling, just that you speak the right language.

Sedang aku melayari internet...aku buka blog unwanted...dia aku baru jea kenal.. blogspot dia nie. aku terkejut posting dia yang terbaru ini pasal orang bangsat..Banyak dah pasal story nie kat blog..apa nak jadi la..Check it out..


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Kali ini dia mempermainkan Allah dengan membandingkan dengan benda lain.
Siap boleh buat undian pula si bangsat ini..
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Kali ini kes seperti ini ditemui di forum lowyat.
Anda boleh rujuk sini terus (sementara moderator belum close thread)

Undian yang dibuat oleh si bangsat ini untuk mempermainkan Allah adalah seperti berikut.

Si bangsat ini juga sertakan gambar untuk poll yang dia buat..

OK. Adakah anda ingin mengetahui siapakah si bangsat ini.?

Rupanya seperti yang ditunjukkan

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Selain dia seorang yang mengapikan, terdapat juga yang lain-lain yang turut ikut. Kalau hendak tahu tengok bilangan yang poll.Aku pun malas hendak senaraikan rakan-rakan si bangsat ini..

Apapun harap benda ini dapat tindakan yang sewajarnya dan si bangsat ini perlu dibawa ke muka pengadilan dan diberi hukuman yang sewajarnya atas apa yang telah dilakukannya.

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The pop singer Rihanna, has postponed a concert in Malaysia after she and her companion, the R&B performer Chris Brown, canceled their scheduled appearances at the Grammy Awards, The Associated Press reported. In a statement to The Associated Press, the Malaysian promoter Pineapple Concerts said it had been informed by Rihanna’s representatives that a show planned for Friday would be rescheduled “in light of recent events involving Rihanna.” On Sunday Mr. Brown was arrested and charged with making criminal threats after being involved in an altercation with a woman in his car; the name of the woman was not released. Mr. Brown was released on $50,000 bail. On Monday, Wrigley said that it had suspended an advertising campaign for Doublemint gum that features Mr. Brown as its spokesman.


"Salvation takes place in 2018," says McG, "so you see the R&D that went into the T-800. It's like the polio vaccine: You've got to go through a lot of lab rats to get to vaccine. In this film, humans are the lab rats. Skynet is testing on us to figure out how to make a photorealistic, leaner, smaller, more capable machine -- the T-800."

Terminator Salvation Pics Online

What you think? hebatkan...tak sabar nak tengok..lakonan Christian Bale..harap harap gempaks. robot nie lebih menarik dari dulu love it sangat-sangat..


Konsert Unplugged Prihatin Palestin

•February 6, 2009 • 1 Comment

Konsert Unplugged Prihatin Palestin
piCHA Nie mase rehearseL…datang La ramai-ramai MaLaM nie k..
macam biasa Low LigHT…


Title : Konsert Unplugged Prihatin Palestin with Khadijah Ibrahim, M Nasir, Hattan, Kopratasa & indie musicians
Venue : Auditorium Perdana RTM
Kuala Lumpur

Date & Time : Sat 7 Feb 2009 (9pm)
Tickets : Free Admission
Phone : 03-2288 7766
Synopsis : RTM presents a special unplugged concert to raise awareness of the plight of the Paletinian people highlighted by the ongoing catastrophe in Gaza.

The concert - which will be broadcast live on RTM2 - features some of the leading names of the music industry: Khadijah Ibrahim, fresh from her triumph at Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS; the legendary singer-songwriter M Nasir; the powerful rocker Hattan; the sweet harmonies of Kopratasa; as well as a host of established and upcoming performers from the creative indie scene.

Each performer has chosen a song appropriate to the occasion - with an emphasis on the purity of the music and the power of the message.


Mitos Buat Duit Online

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Ini adalah satu bisnes... banyak pengusaha buat duit online sepenuh masa yang telah berjaya mendapat pendapatan 5 angka sebulan, menghabiskan masa mereka sehingga 20jam sehari online.. ini termasuk meng'update' website, mempromosi, mencari ilmu2 baru internet, ada juga mengeluarkan modal yang tidak sedikit untuk membeli domain, housting dan promosi untuk website/produk mereka dan juga membeli produk2 ilmu yang memantapkan lagi pendapatan mereka..

semangat yang kuat juga penting.. masa yang panjang mungkin sehingga bertahun-tahun sebelum mereka betul2 berjaya mendapat 5 angka sebulan..

jadi, jika rasa anda tak mampu memberikan komitmen sebegitu.. usahakan la bisnes lain yang sesuai dengan jiwa anda... jual tempe goreng ke, karipap segera ke.. :-)

bukan senang mau senang... tapi jika anda rasa anda bersedia dengan cabaran-cabaran buat duit online... teruskan... mulakan dengan program yang percuma... cari ilmu sebanyak mungkin tentang bisnes online...

Mulakan dengan langkah pertama...

Jangan berundur selepas melangkah!

Teruskan usaha sehingga berjaya!

Menurut teman lelakinya, Mas AF2 mengalami tekanan perasaan akibat keseorangan di Kuala Lumpur dan ternanti-nanti album dikeluarkan dipercayai menjadi punca Mas membuat kecoh di Balai Polis Pandan Indah, Ampang, malam kelmarin.

Ceritanya begini, dia pergi ke balai polis untuk membuat laporan bahawa dirinya ditipu seseorang, mungkin tidak berpuas hati gamaknya, lantas dia bertindak agresif di balai polis tersebut.

People who pay for cable or satellite TV service will be unaffected by the change. The transition to digital-only broadcasts has been set for nearly a decade, but 6.5 million households, mostly lower-income, that get television signals through antennas have not bought the newer digital TVs or converters for their old sets, according to a study by the Nielsen Company.

All local stations will eventually pull the plug on the analog transmitters they've used since the invention of television. The stations have begun digital broadcasts over the past several years.

Two members of the Federal Communications Commission -- Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein -- sent a letter to Congress last month "to express our deep concern" that they were "nowhere near" ready for the deadline "to pull the plug on television service in millions of American homes."

An official with the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR) said a delay is needed, but so is more money, after the federal government's fund to give people $40 coupons to help buy converters ran out of money in recent weeks.

Those who would be cut off from free TV after February 17 -- barring a delay -- include "often communities of color, people who speak a language other than English, people with disabilities, low-income families, and the elderly," an LCCR statement sai

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Info dari kawan aku..

Projek KoKEN - Teater Kompilasi Vol 1

Tag Line : 4 Kes – 1 Motif

Tarikh : 28 JAN – 1 FEB 2009
Masa : 8.30 malam (28 Jan – 31 Jan)
3 petang dan 8.30 malam (1 Feb)

Tempat : Stor Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka,
Kuala Lumpur

Tiket : Melalui sumbangan minimum RM 20.00.


Teater Kompilasi Vol. 1 adalah sebuah kerja kolaborasi 4 orang pengarah. Dengan menggunakan tag line 4 kes satu motif, teater ini akan dibahagikan kepada 4 cerita yang dihasilkan melalui proses devised di antara pengarah dengan pelakon dan proses ini diikatkan dengan satu tema iaitu Kuasa. Ke empat-empat cerita ini akan dipersembahkan selama 30 minit setiap satu secara berterusan selama 2 jam.


Tema bagi projek ini adalah Kuasa. Melalui tema ini ke empat-empat pengarah bersama pelakon akan menjelajahi isu-isu berkaitan dengannya seperti penindasan, dendam, cinta, pembunuhan dan sebagainya.

shoot daLam keadaan Low LighT..ok kot..kan..iso tinggi so…baru ngerti ape itu BisiNG (NoiSe) ehehhe
New Folder
Nam Ron


1. Teruk
Arahan : Zahiril Adzim

2. Pokok Kelapa Sayang
Arahan : Khairunazwan Rodzy

3. Tambat Kaki
Arahan : Khairil Ridzuan

4. Stabil
Arahan : Fareed Ayam


sebarang pertanyaan hubungi 0129110557 (sherry)
blog :
email :



Cuba teka, Fasha Sandha sedang layan rokok jenama apa?Adakah Dunhil? malboro?Pall mall? Udang Garam? hehehe


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