Acclaimed martial arts movie star Jet Li talks about his new foundation, and also discusses what values he thinks are important for the global community in 2009.We change for better people...

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January 22nd, 2009

Who want to sponsor Man U after this?

Another insurance company ?Credit card company ?

Losing their shirts: AIG pulls out of United sponsorship

One of football’s most prestigious sponsorship deals is up for grabs following a decision by the cash-strapped insurance firm AIG to end its four-year, £56.5m deal with Manchester United.

The club has approached the Indian conglomerate Sahara, which already sponsors India’s national cricket team, about replacing AIG when the insurer’s sponsorship expires in May next year. Other possible contenders are thought to include Saudi Telecom, reflecting the club’s immense popularity in Asia and the Middle East.

AIG’s withdrawal is hardly surprising given the deep financial crisis afflicting the company. Since September, the US treasury and the Federal Reserve have provided lifelines of more than $150bn to save it from bankruptcy.

As a price for the rescue, the US government has taken a 78% stake in AIG - which means that Manchester United is in effect being sponsored by American taxpayers.

An AIG spokesman said that the firm would honour the remaining months of the contract but had informed the club in October that it would not be renewed: “It’s been a wonderful relationship but we have other issues to deal with right now,” he said.

AIG’s management was replaced by the US government last year and the new executive team is facing intense political pressure to eliminate any unnecessary spending.

New York’s attorney general, Andrew Cuomo, threatened litigation to halt “unwarranted and outrageous expenditure” by AIG when it emerged that the company had spent more than $400,000 on a weekend retreat for insurance agents at an exclusive resort in autumn.

The insurer is not renewing a host of other relationships with sports clubs - including stadium advertising deals with baseball teams such as New York’s Yankees and Mets, the Houston Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies. AIG is also ending 10 years of sponsorship of the US Davis Cup tennis team.

(the guardian)
Buku Untuk Filem: KAMI

KAMI” adalah kisah lima orang sahabat dan perjalanan mereka dalam menghadapi liku-liku kehidupan setelah tamat alam persekolahan. Buku terbitan Matahari Books ini ialah edisi terhad yang mengandungi lakonlayar yanglengkap (termasuk babak-babak yang telah disingkir daripada filem) serta bahan bacaan bonus yang menyelusuri pembikinan filem ."Buku untuk filem" ini berharga RM 30.00 sahaja..Bagi aku worth to buy... Find out more at


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ComingSoon has confirmed that the first (non Comic Con exclusive) movie trailer for Wolverine will be attached to The Day The Earth Stood Still on December 12th. And apparently Fox isn’t going to put the trailer online until some later point, forcing comic book geeks to see their potentially bad sci-fi remake (I say potentially, because I have yet to be impressed with the footage released thus far, and the move of announcing the attachment of a Wolverine trailer smells of desperation).

And we all know that the trailer will be bootlegged and leaked onto YouTube. It always happens. And its a shame because hundreds of thousands, if not millions are subjected to these subpar quality bootleg trailers, and its all the studios fault. If I were Fox/Paramount/Insert Studio here, I would release new movie trailers online on Saturday morning. Give the theaters 24 hours of exclusivity, forcing hardcore fans to make the journey, yet preventing hordes of Internet readers from being exposed to an inferior trailer presentation. After all, this is an advertisement we’re talking about. Wouldn’t you want your potential audience to see it in it’s best possible presentation?

Raja lawak musim 3 sudah bermula, aku dah ketinggalan beberapa episod...tapi rata rata kawan-kawan aku minat dengan dia ni...Mungkin kerana fizikalnya yang amat cute ala ala hobbits membuatkan ia disenangi penonton. Pada minggu pertama, di bawah tajuk bebas, Amir berjaya mencuit hati aku dengan lawak hantu shufflenya. Di akhir persembahan, Amir telah memberitahu kepada penonton, jangan biarkan handphone anda diselubungi missed call. Lawak, lawak sungguhlah Amir! ......meh usha kepetahan Amir ni...


IM merupakan majalah digital dimana ia diasaskan oleh Team Flarebiz.. Nak berniaga, kena ada ilmu2 yang perlu kita fahami dan kuasai terlebih dulu. Jadi, MajalahIM yang disebarkan secara jujur perlu dijadikan pilihan. Bagi aku majalah ini cukup semua sifatnya..siap ada interview lagi dengan usahawan-usahawan internet.Grafik dan audio digunakan sebaik-baiknya oleh mereka untuk menyiapkan majalah ini. Majalah ini sungguh berguna buat newbie-newbie macam aku ini untuk mendalami biz internet...Sekurang-kurangnya ia dapat membuka mata orang Malaysia yang perniagaan internet BUKAN SKIM CEPAT KAYA,MLM DAN SEBAGAINYA.Aku harap team nie berjaya dengan majalah IM.


Jika anda peminat Azwan Ali jangan lepaskan peluang membaca blognya...aku dah baca blog dia..hmm memang luahan hati sebenar Azwan..Amboi...amboi....amboi.... heheh tapi aku tak sanggup baca sebenarnya sebab banyak sumpah seranah..hehhe takpe la janji Azwan Happy...anyway kalau nak tahu Azwan masuk UJIBAKAT AF7 ke tak,bolehlah ke


Nuffnang merupakan Asias First Blog Advertising Community yang mana menggunakan konsep seperti Google Adsense yakni perantara antara (broker la ni) publisher dan juga advertiser.

Buat masa ini mengikut pemerhatian peribadi Encik Syed ikhwan, Nuffnang merupakan syarikat pengiklanan pilihan no 1 di Malaysia oleh para blogger selain menjadi salah satu Adsense Altenative.yeah...aku pakai Nuffnang...bagi la duit sikit...hehehe



Wohooo..inilah pakaian guru tari linda jasmine pada tayangan perdana filem Maut kerana wanita itu memakai dress bareback (dedah belakang) yang terdedah dari bahu sampai ke pinggul! hmm... tu yang QUE HAIDAR CAIR TU.....


As many of you may already know, a war broke out not long ago in Gaza with heavy causalities to innocent civilians. Hearing this, most of us are glad that we’re living in a peaceful country with no conflicts. However, for those who are in Gaza, their lives will never be the same again.

The war has left thousands of children hurt, their tiny bodies wounded and their young lives shattered.

Children in Gaza are living under extremely stressful conditions that are likely to leave enduring psychological impacts on them. They have seen their family members get killed and their communities destroyed. They have been confined to their homes, without access to food, clean water and electricity and the violence has robbed them of a chance to go to school and the opportunity to play.

UNICEF has a permanent presence in Gaza and the West Bank and has been doing all that they can to assist children despite the dangerous and difficult conditions. They have provided children with urgent needs such as water, health and resuscitation kits, amongst many other assistance items.

With the recent declaration of a cease fire, UNICEF can now continue to channel emergency supplies into the Gaza Strip. They will also move as quickly as they can to repair and rebuild schools to get them up and running and are preparing to send in teams of counselors to help children deal with the trauma they are experiencing.

But UNICEF cannot do this alone.

They are appealing for our generous support to help the children in Gaza now
- RM50 can provide 3 families with water containers that can store 20 liters of water safely.
- RM300 can help provide 10 families in Gaza with Basic Family Water Kits ensuring children have clean water to eat, drink and bathe in.
- RM800 will purchase a school-in-the box kit to help 80 children continue with schooling.

If you wish to contribute to UNICEF for the Children of Gaza, you can find out more and the information on how to donate in this form.

Alternatively, use your blog to spread the word.

Pada mulanya,aku tidak terfikir di benak hatiku nak menulis di blog...sebab bagi, aku segala luahan kita dipandang dilihat dan diperhalusi oleh sesiapa sahaja yang membaca... Tapi tak salahkan aku nak mencuba... Sebenarnya keputusan aku untuk menulis di Blog bukanlah satu keputusan yang bijak..aku jadi leka di alam maya selepas aku keje... Kadang2 kat ofis pun aku sangup berkhayal lagi...Kalau budak2 sibuk bermain game PS2.Aku pula khayal menulis menyusun dan mencantikkan blog aku yang tak seberapa ini..Aku harap ada pembaca yang sudi membaca posting aku bagi meramai kan lagi sahabat sahabat ku...



Kepala babi yang dibelah dua, ditemui diletakkan di atas bendera PAS, di dalam surau Akademi Pengajian Islam, UM di ibu negara.

Najib 's press secretary Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku ahmad this afternoon sends a telegram to all media executive, instructed them not to report Pig Head incident, in his statement ensure that news paper agency not to report `Pig Head incident' of Univercity Malaya Islam research institute, Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku ahmad said in order to avoid influence by election's voter mood, disallowed news paper agency printed the concern article.

According to the informed sources understanding, Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku ahmad had approached at 4:00 pm to the printed media center, but some of news paper agency already in the publication, mostly in "the evening post" most of the Chinese newspapers miss possibly to remove this sensitive issue, therefore, tonight "the evening post" can also be seen `pig head' news report.

This article is from it goes..

I stumbled upon something quiet interesting over at Alexa Dot Org earlier today and thought that it might be okay if I share this with everyone of you out there.

I was curious to know what sort of news websites Malaysians are going for on the internet by mining such information over at Alexa but to my surprise I found something else that concerns me in way or two. It is hard to believe but it looks like Malaysians in general loves to visit porn sites. I have discovered that there is this one particular porn site (currently ranked at No 51) that is so popular among Malaysians that Alexa have included it in their Top 100 list of popular websites for Malaysians! I’m not kidding here, Alexa said so and if you are not happy with that then you would have to file a complaint to Alexa. Don’t say that I’m purposely creating a wild story here today.

Let’s not waste too much time talking about this sick topic. Just for the sake of knowing, the most popular porn website among Malaysians is Megarotic Dot Com!

To all Malaysian Malays (Melayu) who are working as some Information Technology managers or executives, network or system administrators in some government agencies or companies in the private sector, maybe you should seriously consider banning or blocking this porn website from being accessed by people in your organization. It is a small step towards protecting our Malaysian communities from God Knows what. Yeah, I know. Some of you may say that I’m nuts for saying that. :-) But you really have to ask yourself honestly, does pornography has anything good to offer to our Malaysian community in the first place?

Say NO to porns!


I killed half of the Jews and
left you the other half……..
So you see for yourself why
I killed them…’

- Adolf Hitler -

Kenapalah ko tak bunuh semua jer…

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